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Creating a business Facebook page

Do you have a business page, fan page, or like page on Facebook for your business? If you don't, then get started soon. Here's some information on setting up a business Facebook page that might help you decide whether or not your business needs one.

Six different classifications to choose from

1. Local business or place

2. Artist, band, or public figure

3. Company, organization, or institution

4. Entertainment

5. Brand or product

6. Cause of community

Administrator page

There's an Admin panel which allows you to manage your business page. It has numerous features to optimize and monitor the page. There's also a way to manage your administration page by allowing employees to respond to comments about their own function without giving them complete power over your page.

Building your audience

The first thing that comes to mind after making your Facebook business page is to invite an audience to your page. Sometimes, it's best to wait and strategize a creative way to invite them. Maybe, by a new email campaign. First things first. You want plenty of content before you start to invite people to your page.


Cover Photo: 851 x 351 pixels

Profile Photo: 180 x 180 pixels

Tab Photos (4+): 11 x 74 pixels

Ambrosial Designs by Jennifer - Facebook Dimensions

Custom tabs

Facebook allows you to have an endless amount of Tabs. Only the first four tabs will be seen on the page. The fifth tab will only be accessible by clicking an arrow next to the first four tabs. Events, Photos, Groups, and Contact should be the first four tabs, or the most important content. When posting to your page, there's ways to highlight certain posts to make it more visible and important to your viewers. Use this highlighting tool to announce major events about your company.

Facebook Advertising Tools

You can not only stay in contact with clients, post new information on a daily, weekly, or hourly basis, but you can also create a Facebook Ad for your business. Facebook also allows simple ways for you to manage these ads. One of the best reasons to choose a social media platform to advertise your business is the increased chances of reaching your perfect customer thanks to the targeted demographic information. Facebook ad pricing works on an auction system similar to Google ads. You place a bid to tell Facebook how much you are willing to pay per click (PPC), or per thousand people who will see your ad (CPM). Your actual cost will depend on how many people are bidding for the same demographics or keywords. You will typically pay less than your bidding price, but Facebook can charge you any price up to your bid to show your ad.

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